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Those Who Have
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A Day, a Night or Weekend Retreats

Those who have tasted the beauty of silence, return to the world renewed and refreshed. Join us for a time away from the busyness of life into the quiet of the soul.

Shalom House a quiet place to honor your soul and find the gifts with-in. It is a quiet meditative place for reflection. The intention of Shalom is to honor the silence that is already within and uncover the joy of being.

This retreat is for people who are engaged in their spiritual lives, whether one is just beginning or wanting to deepen their reflection of their inner journey or one has been engaged in spiritual practices and disciplines for many years-Shalom Retreats are for you. It is learning to open the heart and trust the wisdom and guidance of your soul. 


What retreat participants may find at Shalom House?

      Deeper connection to the Self     Discovery of insights       Meaning/Purpose    

      Connection to the Earth     Stillness and Inner Peace     Laughter, Creativity, and Joy



 Here are some of the possibilities that are led by facilitator.

o     Meditation Session is a way to connect to the inner spaciousness of our being. Our thoughts can keep us so busy that we forget the power of the moment. Meditation brings us awareness of the thoughts and feelings in the moment. Often we shed worry while meditating to realize what is important to us. During the retreat, we will start our time of silence with a group meditation if you choose to participate


o      Spiritual Direction is a conversation between director and participant exploring the movements of the Spirit in the circumstances and realities of the participant’s life.


o     Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotion, mind and spirit. The practitioner places hands on the recipient with the whole intent of bringing energy and healing.


o         Family Energy life’s present or recurring challenges may be directly connected to painful events form life the need closure, healing or reconciliation. In this process we bring to light unresolved issues to a peaceful close. This can be used on an individual basis with guidance.


o     Walking Meditation peace is found in every step. This is a simple way to find quiet in today’s hectic world. The more we practice the more it becomes who we are.Walk the gentle rolling hills of Shalom’s 12 acres to breathe in the joy of being grounded in the Earth. This may be used if the group is interested in walking together.


o      Calling the Circle is a group experience of listening to ourselves and one another. The circle is directed as we watch the weaving of our lives unfold through readings, creative expression, and contemplation. Within the circle we use the talking piece where we have three rules: one to speak from the heart, listen with our heart, and speak what is necessary. It takes about an hour to use this powerful practice to listen to our Truth in the center of silence.


Here are some reflection ideas that you can use on your own.

Material and instructions are available.

o     Archetype Cards are ancient, universal patterns of behavior that are embedded in what Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious.” Caroline Myss has created a unique set of 74 Archetype cards, each individually to designed to provide the basic Light and Shadow Attributes of a different Archetype. Use the cards to help determine which Archetypes are most active in your psychic and how they can lead you to achieve greater insights into your life.


o     Mandala is a powerful tool for expression, meditation and exploration. Make your own sacred circle with the use of colored pencils. The process will take you beyond the mind chatter into the realm where you can hear your truth. No art background needed. Just play and discover the messages within.


o      Journaling can be used in many ways. In a gratitude journal write down 5-10 things you’re grateful for every single day. If you can’t think of 5-10, write down 1 or 2 things. A personal reflection journal helps you delve into certain aspects of your past or helps you work through feelings that are happening now. A goal-oriented journal - both long-term and short-term – tracks your progress. When a month, a year, or a decade goes by you can look back and see all that you’ve accomplished. Many people like to incorporate several journal ideas into one.


o     Vision Boards with the use of scissors, cardboard, glue or tape and magazines create a board of your intentions. Just start exploring and see what comes to you.


o     Reading with the books you bring from home or the books found on Shalom House shelves.


o      Sacred Box can be created for your use when you return home. It is a reminder of the spirit in your life that is constantly changing and transforming. It brings the divine into your everyday activities. The box helps you pay honor something greater than yourself. In the box can be incense, candles, meaningful object, objects from nature such as feathers or rocks, traditional icons, vision board creations, nature pictures, you own pictures, magazines pictures, postcards, art pieces, pictures of Shalom, and anything that is of importance to you. (Extra cost for box to cover or bring your own.)

o     Dream Exploring is a valuable way to be aware of what is happening in our waking life. Energies are available for anyone taking the time to remember and work with dreams. When we are in touch with our spontaneous image we learn to become authentic and effective as individuals. This tool can be a life time support in inner direction. It is always helping us to live from that deepest place. There is material available as well as personal direction on how to use the information in your dream for action if you choose.