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Services Offered

SERVICES: Leadership development, Spiritual
Companioning, and Reiki

Spiritual Companioning is the art of accompanying another
as witness to both the passing of life and the awakening of
spirit within myself & others.
Cathy Dol

Nutritional Response Testing

Reiki Sessions & Reiki Attunements

Personal Diet Consultant

B.S. Dietetics, UW Madison
Certified Biofeedback Specialist
Reiki Master
Certified Wellness Coach
Certified Body Conscious Coach
ACE Lifestyle & Weight Management
ACE Personal Trainer

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Heart Song Healing Website

   Reconnective Healing Practitioner



Services:  Reconnective Healing

                 The Reconnection



Reconnective Healing utilizes new frequencies for powerful healing experiences of the body, mind and spirit.  This work can be done in person at the Shalom House or long distance for possibilities of healing opportunities even after your stay at this wonderful quiet placeā€¦.

The Reconnection

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