This 90 foot diameter Cretan Labyrinth has seven circuits and is located in Regner
Park in West Bend.   The grass pathways are lined with bulbs, perennials, herbs and
 annuals, making a walk to the center special experience.  This garden is a unique
 concept in the healthcare of a community.  The purpose is for meditation and
 inspiration providing people of all ages the opportunity to enjoy
the serenity surrounding them.

Lizard Mound County Park

West Bend Labyrinth Earth Sculpture

Activities In The Area
2121 County Hwy A
Town of Farmington

The park is named for its most outstanding Indian Mounds shaped like a gigantic
 lizard.  The area consists of 28 fine examples of effigy mounds-the majority rising 3-4
 feet above ground level.  The Effigy Mound Builders lived 500 AD – 1000AD and was
 the burial ground of the people.  Take this self-guided anthropological nature trail
 that winds around these mounds.  Explore these important monuments about
 Wisconsin’s most interesting prehistoric Indian culture.
Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary
1901 Shalom Drive West Bend, WI 53090

Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary has a guided 2 hour wagon ride with close up viewing over
 one hundred whitetail  deer, rocky mountain elk and American bison in their natural
 environment with a focus on Native American history and lore.  A sensational outside
 adventure you will not forget.
Voices In A Box

Come children, youth or adults!  
Enjoy the peace of Shalom and program
to enhance peace within.
For more information

Special events that include lunch and program!
Natures Garden

 Nature's Garden is a whole food grocery and organic
 marketplace. Our mission is to provide unmodified natural and
 organic choices to those seeking a healthier lifestyle and to
 accommodate those with limited diets. Nature's Garden offers a
large array of gluten free foods. We also have numerous cooking
 classes and classes promoting healthy lifestyles.             

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